Kitchen Satisfaction

Your goal playing this game is to cook food for family member and try you best possible to make each one of them happy knowing that you will stuck in the ultimate loop of not being able to satisfy everyone ,but you can always try...maybe it is possible?.

How To Play

First you have to ask the familly members what they like and dislike to eat.
Second thing is picking a dish from the recipe book and press "Use"
After you press "Use" you can pick up ingredients by pressing "E" and putting them in the Pot by pressing "E" again, once you put all the ingredients press "F" to pick up the dish and serve it to the familly member by Pressing "E" on the table


Movement : W-A-S-D
interact : E
interact2 : F

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags3D Platformer, Blender, kitchen, Ludum Dare, Unity
LinksLudum Dare


windowsBuildLD47.rar 21 MB
Windows_Submission_Build.rar 21 MB
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Really fun concept ! It’s like a management game but for cooking meals to your family! And with the time pressure and actual movements in the world’s space!

I liked it, pretty fun and original, nice job!

I’d really make the ingredients physic affected and stuff in the kitcehn to add to the fun value and cooking rush panic mess ahah And a sprint function, too, felt a little frustrating, but that may just be me

Graphics are really nice and the audio works well! I’m really impressed by how you have GRAPHIC SETTINGS and REMAPPABLE CONTROLS FOR A FRIGGIN JAM GAME WTF

Sadly the game soft locked when I tried to finalize the meal for the 4th time :c Also I don’t see much creative use of the theme, you’re bascially restarting the level again (until everyone is fully satisfied I suppose ?) but I guess it’s there!

I couldn’t find a secret ingredients, the rumors were false :’(

Congrats for this entry!

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nice game with nice idea i like how i need to cooking faster It makes me nervous but when i got familiar, game became easier
but it really is difficult to satisfy all members of the family and that was the fun part.