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About the Game

Today when our adventurer Zakaria woke up feeling lucky after winning few gambles last night. So he decided that the time has come for him to finally try and explore the dungeon that is told to have the secret to all power hidden in the deepest part of it. No one has ever came out alive of this dungeon, but since Zakaria is feeling lucky what could possibly go wrong? Zakaria wears his shiny armor, stretches for a little bit then heads out to the dungeon to start his adventure...

How To Play

- Keyboard and Mouse or (Xbox or PS4) Controller

- Press [A-D] on Keyboard or [Left Stick] for Controller to Move the Player

- Press [E] on Keyboard or [Y] for Controller to Interact

- Press [Spacebar] on Keyboard or [A] for Controller to Jump

- Press [LMB] or [X] for Controller to Attack


Lucky Adventurer_LD48(64).rar 25 MB
Linux(64)build 30 MB
MacBuild 35 MB

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